Strange unknown Amazon listing shows up and all we know is that it’s from Bethesda

I truly do believe that Bethesda is worth saving. Sure, they stumbled and smashed their face into the concrete with Fallout 76, but we can’t stay mad at them forever for finally realising that multiplayer isn’t their strong suit. Call the game a failed experiment and move on. But maybe they already have something brewing? We don’t really know because this story is shrouded in mystery.

Wario64, notable sales sleuth on Twitter, posted the following:

There were three placeholders for a Bethesda game of some kind with them being on the three major platforms. We also have the video of a very Fallout looking countdown timer that goes down to zero and nothing happens. Speculations have run amok following this strange appearance of the placeholders.

The number one leading theory is that Bethesda is planning to do remasters of their previous games such as Fallout 3 and New Vegas. They might even be bringing the games into the new engine. It would make more sense why Bethesda’s lawyers went after the modders that were trying to recreate the game in the new engine. It might have been their plan all along.

Some believe it’s just a mistake and that no Bethesda games are coming and the countdown could have been old archive footage. It’s all possible, but I’m hoping for a next-gen style New Vegas since it’s objectively the best Fallout game out of the bunch.

Also, remember that Bethesda isn’t just the Fallout series, they got Prey, Dishonored, Rage 2, Elder Scrolls and a bunch of others. But the old-timey video kind of breaks all the guesses for the other games, but you never know. We’ll see if they announce something soon.

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