Hitman 2’s first mission is now completely free

We crowned Hitman 2 with an award last year. Unfortunately, it was for the Best Game No-One Played category and it only got on there because of its really poor player numbers as compared to the previous game and the franchise at large. However, the game seems to still be doing well and IO Interactive is taking everything in stride. But more people need to play the game and what better way to do that than to provide some free stuff.

The first mission for Hitman 2, titled Hawke’s Bay, is completely free and playable for anyone who downloads the Hitman 2 Starter Pack. Hawke’s Bay can almost be seen as the game’s tutorial level and it shows you all the different ways you can murder a target by giving you challenges and the means to execute some creative execution. It’s a fantastic short level with a ton of possibilities for you to try out.

I completed all the challenges for the mission during my time with the game and even though there’s just one target to kill, it can take you quite a few hours to get everything just right. And then you can also try your hand at the higher difficulty levels and finishing the whole thing with nothing but a sniper. It’s a little taste of the giant platter that is Hitman 2 and if you decide to buy it, all your progress carries over to the full game as well.

I say give it a shot. It’s completely free, it’s short and there’s nothing to lose. You might get bitten by the Hitman 2 bug and see what a great game it actually is.

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