The Burning Question: What is your most unforgettable moment in a multiplayer game?

As soon as you meet other humans online or offline some really bizarre and, sometimes, wonderful things can unfold in a multiplayer game. The events are unscripted and because of the pure randomness of it there might be a particular moment that stood out for you more than any other. I had one such moment in an online game that I’ll never forget.

I think it was in 2008 that I played a very unhealthy amount of Halo 3 online. A good friend (Mark Botha, who used to write with me at G3AR magazine back in the day) and I played Halo 3 like it was coming out of our ears. That said, I was never any good. I was just having a great time. Here and there we would have a person joining us for bigger squad-based matches, but most of our time was spent as a duo taking on randoms. The one night we fought off against two other Halo players on the Snowbound map. What these two would do was to shoot one of us, to get a one point lead, and would then go hiding. Even when within shooting distance they would not shoot us, but instead just hide. It was highly annoying. This kept going on and on and on… until we got the lead and decided to give these morons some of their own medicine.


We had about 10 minutes left of the game (which when hiding is a huge amount of time) and moved to the edge of the map where there were these red-like turrets, and seeing as we were the red team we camouflaged quite well with it. About three minutes in of us not appearing on their radar, while waiting in their hiding spot, they suddenly reared their heads in search of us. They were one point down and with seven minutes left in a game they were going to lose. From our vantage point we could see everything unfold. They were checking everywhere for us and even walked past our hiding spot without noticing we’re there, though we were ready to fill this person with lead. They obviously never thought that we would hide towards the outskirts of the map and never put much of a focus on it – Snowbound is quite small. With about two minutes remaining they jumped all over the place, throwing grenades and shooting wildly in the air in the hope that it would lure us out, but we stay put. It’s when the clock got to five seconds left that we jumped out and showed them where we were hiding. We duped the dupers and it was a great feeling.

They looked something like that ^^

I have that video to this day on my Xbox 360, though it can unfortunately not be downloaded unless you have a capturing device (which I personally don’t have), as I would love to show you the video. Either way, it was by far the biggest highlight in my multiplayer gaming days. Seeing those idiots receiving some of their own medicine was something I’ll never forget.

I’m sure you had some amazing stories that took place in a multiplayer universe – online or offline. Maybe it was an incredible win, comeback, last second goal or split-second ditch for the finish line. You can tell your story below.

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