Six characters that deserve their own game

When it comes to our favourite video games, there are some supporting characters that are so well-written, so interesting that we would love to see them have their very own game. Chloe Frazer is a perfect example of how this can be done, with us getting some time in the Uncharted universe, but without Nathan Drake. Another good example is Crisis Core, which puts us in control of Zack Faire, fleshing out the events that lead to
Final Fantasy VII as well as moulding many of the characters in that game. Here are a few games that I would like to see being made about some really cool characters.

Sully – Uncharted series

Seeing as I already touched on Chloe Frazer, I would love to see a game about Uncharted‘s Sully. Sully is full of charm, long stories and wit and the game could be set in one of his adventures from his youth, or we could tackle problems in a different way than Nate, with less climbing around and more planned heists and talking your way out of things. Imagine playing the resourceful pilot, getting loud shirts and wooing your way out of danger or into a good score.

Garrus Vakarian – Mass Effect

Ah Garrus. BioWare has made some extremely memorable characters over the years and Garrus is just full of charm and great stories. This turian has lived a pretty storied life and we only got to witness a small section of it. Not only was he a part of C-Sec’s Investigation Unit, he also spends time as a vigilante taking on thugs and private military contractors that go too far. Just imagine spending more time in the Citadel, investigating crimes and seeing more of the sprawling city station, or being a vigilante, leading a double life of finding people to help, then swooping in later to dispense justice in a place that normal law enforcement just doesn’t work.

Clara Lille – Watch Dogs

I have joked before that Watch Dogs had the wrong protagonist and that the story could follow practically anyone else besides Aiden Pearce. Clara Lille’s story is a lot more interesting. This DedSec hacker knows her way around the internet and ctOS systems, and pretty much unlocks a whole bunch of things for Aiden to use. She is good at sniffing out other hackers, something that leads her to Aiden in the first place, setting some bad things in motion. A story of a veteran hacker with issues of being linked to a criminal organisation that is at first happy to pay money for services, but later turns the screws, and a story of looking for forgiveness or at least dealing with what her actions really mean could be a great setting to explore.

Captain Price – Call of Duty

Captain John Price holds a place of esteem for many Call of Duty players. While technically you do get to play as Price for flashback missions, it is probably those missions that help give him that status of legendary soldier. These missions are generally considered the best in Call of Duty 4 and any scene with Captain Price in it is just so much better, thanks to his dialogue and heroic actions. I mean if nothing else, they could let us play his moustache. What an amazing ‘tache.

Morrigan – Dragon Age

My love for Claudia Black might be showing a bit (Chloe Frazer and Morrigan), and my love of BioWare but Morrigan really deserves her own game. This sorceress plays an integral role in the Dragon Age series, and her actions, knowledge of the world of Thedas and doomed relationship with Flemeth create a memorable, powerful character. She has seen more of the world than any protagonist can ever hope to, plumbed its secrets and discovered places of great magic and wonder. Helping her deal with her mother, explore the world for magical secrets and maybe fight against mages being trapped and bound by Templars.

Auron – Final Fantasy X

By the time we meet Auron, he is a veteran with many adventures and mileage on his boots. He is a strong character with words of wisdom, but he wasn’t always so sure of himself. A story following a younger Auron and his first journey as a Guardian would offer a unique perspective on the world of Spira, as would the period of him wandering alone after helping bring about the Calm. The game could even touch on Final Fantasy X territory, showing things from Auron’s perspective of running around with first-time Guardians and the weight of having to fulfil his promises to Jecht and Braska.

These are just a few characters that could have their own games, either in the same style or something completely different to suit their personalities and strengths. Who would you like to see in their own game? I tried to limit choices before I wrote about several Final Fantasy characters that deserve their own games…

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