It seems it’s pretty great to work at Nintendo

Life in the gaming industry is pretty rough. Recently, it seems every time you log on to your PC or check any of your social media streams there’s another story of how another big player in the video game market is firing its employees; or how another development studio has been shut down. You feel particularly broken-hearted for the individuals involved as well as their families. But, of course, for those of us that love the games they were making, we also feel extremely sad that these creative individuals are no longer working on the projects we love. Or worse yet, that they get cancelled altogether.

It’s great to hear then when a company in the industry makes the headlines for the right reasons. And it’s no secret that I’m quite a Nintendo fan, but I’m sure most readers will appreciate how the Japanese gaming giant is looking after its employees. On the Nintendo of Japan recruitment page (as first posted by Daniel Ahmad) the statistics regarding the employer are pretty impressive:

  • Average workday length: 7 Hours 45 Mins
  • Average yearly salary: R1 135 144.00 (at current exchange rate $80 000)
  • Average length of employment: 13.5 years
  • Bonuses twice a year, one increase yearly, plus separate travel expenses

True, these stats are Japan-based where there is traditionally a culture of people staying at a company for longer than it might be in other countries. Also, average salary is just that ‘average’ so there are likely quite a few employees that receive much lower yearly salaries. However, in general, the work hours, company loyalty and length of employment figures are at levels you don’t often see in other companies. And once you throw in the extras (bonuses, increases and commuting expenses) it mean at least in terms of numbers – Nintendo seems like a great place to work.

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