No one believed a Reddit user when they leaked Apex Legends close to a year ago

Rumours are what this industry is made of. It’s what gets us all talking ahead of a huge show or unveiling. Some are true and others are just that, rumours. I’ve found that over the years that most these rumours are actually true, it’s why they are still around in 2019. Eleven months ago a Reddit user dropped a rumour about a new ‘Titanfall Battle Royale’ game that is in the works. The funny part is that no one believed it.

You can head to the official thread here and see exactly what the person had to say. Most people did just not believe the rumour. One user replied with ‘It’s not real’. Below you can see the rumoured and original map compared to each other. Though much has changed since that rumour dropped, there is obviously quite a few similarities. Wetlands and Skull Town appears in the early image. It’s quite impressive to see how much a map can change in close to one year to get the balance just right.

The current map.
The leaked map from 11 months ago.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play game for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One and can be downloaded right now.

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