The R1,449 Dead or Alive 6 season pass 1 is dead on arrival on PS4

The Dead or Alive series has quite the following. What started off as a hopeful competitor in the late 90s against strong competition has over the years grown into a beloved series with a strong cast of characters and in-depth gameplay. Unfortunately Dead or Alive 5 was the first game to show Tecmo’s true ambitions when they launched DLC after DLC and game after game (with the “new” added content included) to maximise sales. It got real ugly and Dead or Alive 6 is about to send this trend through a wall that’ll plummet down a few levels before it hits the ground real hard.

Head to the PlayStation Store right now and you’ll find that the Dead or Alive 6 season pass 1 is selling for more than the actual standard game. It comes in at R1449 on PS4 (On the Xbox One it’ll set you back R749 and on Steam it’s R489 respectively). The bigger slap in the face comes in the form of there only being two new characters, planned to be released between March and June this year. The rest of it is made up of 62 costumes. To unlock costumes in the game there is a massive grind involved. It’s Tecmo’s way of forcing players to buy that DLC.

Furthermore, there are classic modes missing from the game such as the series’ classic tag mode, which, if you read between the lines, will probably arrive when season pass 2 shows up.

If you struggled to find local reviews it’s because Tecmo has cut ties with their local distributor, so don’t expect to find physical copies of this game in stores. It’s a shame to see so many fighters move to a business plan to pay for new characters that were once unlocked by playing well, instead of paying well.

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