Beat Saber getting first DLC 14 March

Our venture into the world of virtual reality has been a bit of a bumpy one. A technology that has always promised so much and inspired visions of a connected VR future (脿 la Ready Player One) hasn’t quite happened yet though. However, we may look back at 2018 as an important year in VR gaming, thanks in major part to titles like Astro Bot and Beat Saber. Not only were these great VR games, but they finally seemed to find the perfect formula of using VR to make great games, period.

Our very own Marko is a big fan of Beat Saber in particular (check out his amazing 9.5 review here). He has often extolled the virtues of the rhythmic Jedi lightsaber experience. I mean who wouldn’t want to boogie like Kenobi, right? Well for those of you that have the game and were hoping for some more content we have some good news for you. According to a tweet posted from the official Beat Saber account the first ‘Music Pack’ will be arriving less than a fortnight from today, on March 14.

As you can see above the tweet also teased a new UI and mentions ‘upcoming Music Packs’.

Continue to dance like a Jedi you will…

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