Rumour: Xbox One S Digital Only Edition coming in April

Microsoft is making some big moves. Not only have they brought some major Independent studios under the Xbox umbrella but they seem to be keen to bring Xbox Live on a multitude of platforms, and want to be the pioneers of streaming and digital-only gaming.

Back in November, we brought you the rumour that Xbox was working on a disc-less console and that it may appear in the wild as early as this year. Yesterday, Windows Central reported that this ‘Xbox Maverick’ console was not only on its way but pre-orders could be starting as early as April. The new console is apparently set to be called the ‘Xbox One S All-Digital Edition’.

Despite, its less-than-catchy name, I personally think Microsoft has a potential gold mine on their hands. I think providing a cheaper digital-only console will appeal to many people. As it stands, many have already gone digital-only with game purchases. And as much as that fact sends shivers down the spine of physical collectors, using Xbox One S as a test case for this hardware version will tell Microsoft a lot about what to do for the next generation.

It’s all just a rumour for now, but I suspect this story has some legs. And all I can think is: Beware PlayStation – Microsoft is not going down without a fight and they’re building up a heck of a lot of momentum.

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