10 iconic modes of transport from video games

This list could just go on forever if we sat and thought about iconic transport in games. What we’re doing with this one is listing the ones that were top of mind as soon you think about the subject matter.

Needless to say, the vehicles aren’t limited to just petrol machines confined to tarmac or gravel. This list includes all forms of transportation.

Halo: Warthog

A four-wheel-drive off-road vehicle with either a Gatling gun, rocket launcher or plasma cannon mounted on the back with all-wheel steering to boot. The Master Chief’s whip of choice might have been hard to control at times, but bulldozing the Covenant into next Tuesday and blasting Ghosts to smithereens makes up for it and it could go just about anywhere. Well, sometimes.

Batmobile: Batman Arkham Series

Being the badass billionaire Batman comes with many benefits. The major one being the absolutely bonkers Batmobiles that we’ve seen over the years in the movie and game franchises. What would a Batman game or movie be without it? Rockets, .50 cal guns, active camo, boosters, an automotive junky’s wet dream. And, it only comes in black.

Mario Kart: Mario’s Kart

Just to please the Ninty fanbois out there (Hi Tim!), we included this one.

Just kidding. The little drift mad kart from the Mario Kart franchise is probably the most popular of them all in terms of brand representation, but not the most popular pick when it comes to actual racing. Whenever you’re in a lobby and see that kart and Mario chosen as the avatar, you know it’s either a n00b or an undercover veteran.

Twisted Metal: Sweet Tooth’s clown van

If Batman has the Batmobile, then this thing would be a perfect representation for what his arch-nemesis would drive. Sweet Tooth’s clown-themed van is every bit mental and looks like a collage of the things that goes on in the Joker’s head, reimagined using steel and a dash of insanity.

Final Fantasy XV: Regalia

It’s one of the things that got me sold on FFXV before it even released. A perfect road trip machine. That hotrod come GT car has some sleek lines for a fictitious vehicle. So much so that fabricators have tried replicating it. It’s not the most mechanically sound of the all, but it can fly!

Brutal Legend: The Deuce

A car that can be summoned with a guitar solo, made from Ormagoden’s steel flesh, and has quite the arsenal to boot. Eddie’s ride cannot be mistaken for anything else in the game automotive arena.

Gears of War: Armadillo

Not the prettiest, not the fastest, not the most versatile, but it looks the part in the Gears of War franchise, and it made such an impact that it was included in another little car football game you may or may not have heard of. Think it rhymes with pocket league or something…

Gran Tourismo on PS1: Mitsubishi 3000GT

If you’ve been playing GT since the very early days you’d know about this car. This Japanese sleeper, which in real life had some pretty advanced features for its era that have become commonplace in some hyper cars of today, was Japan’s answer to European sports cars. Active suspension, active aerodynamics, yeah, the 3000GT had it back then. But, that’s not why it’s on this list. It’s here because it was one, if not the only, car in that game that had over 1000HP when fully modified and left train lengths on a straight in mere milliseconds. When you go split-screen and see your opponent selecting it, you know you’ve already lost.


Earthworm Jim: Jet Turbine

“Whaoooo Nelly!”, Jim exclaims as the simplistic mode of transport he uses blasts off, taking the Wile E. Coyote concept of riding a rocket literally. Just a big ol’ turbine, handles on either end and a whole lot of go juice. No belts or seats even. Just, WOOOSH!!!!

Super Mario World: Yoshi

Coz, why not? It’s an all terrain vehicle, capable of jumping, is infinitely recyclable, probably runs on biofuel or something in the Mario universe, and it turns enemies into eggs. The Prius takes a back seat to this super eco-friendly vehicle. It probably comes in more colours, but we only saw the production green version in the game. Not sure of 0-60km/h or quarter mile times, but I bet you can get 73 million miles per gallon, no sweat.

I think I should end it here and let the rest of you add to it. I’m sure you have many that come to mind.

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