Expect big Halo: The Master Chief Collection news on Inside Xbox next week

Halo: The Master Chief Collection has had a bit of a bumpy journey. The game launched with some major issues several years ago, along with match-making problems that plagued the game for so many years that even the hardcore players lost interest and moved on to the splendour that is Halo 5: Guardians online. 343 Industries however never gave up on the classic bundle and since it’s turned into something really special. Come next week there is some big news in store for fans of the series.

Rumour has it that a PC version of the game is finally nearing release. This would be great news for PC players who have had an interest in the series, as to date PC gamers have mostly received a bit of a raw deal with the Halo series. This package could correct all the wrongs and finally let Master Chief loose on a platform that could do some wonders with it in the world of modding. It’s also the perfect arena for PC players to ready themselves for Halo Infinite, which’ll likely be a PC release too once that becomes a reality.

Below is the official teaser:

With recent rumours stating that we’ll see a discless console launching in the next few months, many are hoping they’ll use this hour-long show to announce that too, though we don’t think you should get your hopes up just yet. If you plan to watch it live in SA, you can catch it at around midnight next Tuesday evening, 12 March.

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