Nintendo goes VR with the latest Labo Starter Kit

Virtual Reality is all the rage these days and everyone and their dogs want a piece of the action. Including Nintendo, who decided to give the tech another shot after a 24-year hiatus.

Nintendo announced Labo VR yesterday which will release on 12 April. It will work very similarly to Google Cardboard, where you will be able to build your very own VR Headset, using the Switch instead of a smartphone.

The starter kit will include the VR Goggles, as well as a Toy-Con Blaster, with expansion sets all sorts of things such as a camera, an elephant, a bird and a wind pedal.

We don’t know yet what type of software we’ll be getting with Labo Sets, but seeing as it comes with a Blaster, the odds are good it will involve some form of shooting.

It’s a pretty cool concept, and it’s good to see Nintendo running with the Labo kits.


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