Special Oreo Xbox One that you definitely won’t want to dunk

Who doesn’t remember that amazing Oreo advert that introduced us (or at least me) to the heavenly cookie here in SA…

“First you twist it, then you lick it, then you dunk it. Mom says chocolate isn’t good for dogs – but you can have the rest of my milk”

Oreo Advert Kid while dog looks on completely heartbroken

Well it seems in another mostly incomprehensible partnership – Xbox and Oreo have joined forces. Despite the unlikely pairing the competition winner will be walking a way with a pretty cool-looking custom Xbox One X. The competition and images for the console were tweeted out by Xbox.


Unfortunately, as you’ve probably already realised by clicking the link – ‘The Stuf Inside’ competition is only available to residents of the USA, Puerto Rico and Canada. So no chance for us South Africans. Guess we’ll just be left with imagining how specific the disclaimer will be on the box:

“Despite its delicious appearance, please don’t eat this console. Also, twisting it, dunking it in milk or licking it is not recommended.”

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