FGV winner is riding and rising – and our weekly wrap up!

Hey everyone! I missed you all. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been gone this whole week because I moved and Eskom decided that I needed to be taught some humility and left me without power for five days. After crushing my enemies with my tribal army and setting up a new kingdom on the outskirts of the south coast, they finally decided to put my power on and I’m here again. I should go check on the Empire sometime, I left it pretty suddenly. Anyway, what happened this week?

Weekly wrap up!

According to our popular posts tab, we got two big stories this week. The first is Anthem getting refunded. The game launched in such a state on PS4 that it broke people’s consoles or at least kept crashing. Sony did the wild thing and offered people refunds until these issues could be solved and it’s just another reason why games-as-a-service needs some serious reworking.

The other popular piece was the Dead or Alive 6 season pass that costs R1,449 and was just absolutely ridiculous. They pulled a sneaky one on us by making the base game cheap and charging out the backside for costumes, season passes and whatnot. I’ve also seen you guys in the comments be angry about it and rightfully so. Oh, this is just the first season pass, by the way. There are more.

In happier news, we got a review for The Lego Movie 2 by resident Lego expert, Abigail, and Dawid showed us an old school shooting gem, Area 51. Ash also gave us a great list of 10 classic modes of transport in games. He originally said vehicles, but some are a bit open to interpretation.

Comment of the week!

The comment of the week comes to us from DARRYN NYRAD (damn Darryn, want to keep it down?) in the article about the Xbox One S getting a fully digital version. Here’s what he had to say:

Good lord and I thought I had a lot of games installed. Your poor Xbox One must look like some weird Medusa monster made of cables and shiny boxes. Games are taking up way too much space these days and the technology isn’t really there for crazy people like me and our friend Darryn over here who want all the games on our consoles.

The winner!

And so finally, the part of the article with the most eyeballs. The winner of our Trials Rising competition. Some of you rose, some of you fell, but the random number generator does not care for merits. It is random. As the name suggests. Anyway, the winner is none other than:

Gareth Bockel

Congratulations to Gareth for winning this week’s prize! We’ll be in contact with you soon to get your prize to you. Enjoy dying many times!

Thanks to Megarom Interactive for sponsoring this week’s prize!

What’s happening this weekend?

If you’re ever wondering what the SA Gamer crew does on weekends, don’t wonder anymore! Here’s a little breakdown of how we’ll be spending our weekends:

Dawid: I’ll be hosting a pre-season F1 race tonight via Xbox Playdates that’ll get me all giddy for the F1 season that kicks off next week. A return to Wildlands is on the cards and I’m also in the mood for some brainless platforming, which I’ll get with New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the 3DS. All-in-all, lots of gaming for me this weekend. [Does anyone else find it weird that Dawid is the oldest of all of us but he seems to have more free time than a teenager? He’s old enough to be my dad and he has more gaming time than I do, it’s crazy.]

Garth: This weekend my Pathfinder group will face a Lich that they have faced several times before. Then I am going on a whole weekend long date with Dante, Nero and V. [Ah yes, the classic triple date. A legandary poet, a ruthless Roman emperor and a letter.]

Charlie: I’m going to watch Captain Marvel this weekend. Will also be continuing my journey on NG+ on Ultra Hard in Horizon Zero Dawn. [Well, there you go folks. To the point. You not cleaning house this weekend Charlie? What about a braai? Also, is the rugby finally over?]

Ash: There’s this new free BR game I’ll be trying out this weekend called Tetris 99. Not sure how well I’ll fare seeing as there’s no guns and crosshairs, but apparently it’s a hoot. Jump back into Forza 7 and Horizon 4 to scratch this itch I’ve had all week to modify vehicles and blaze some trails. [Back in high school they used to call me the L block. Because I’m useless.]

Tim: Last weekend I got a gift and was able to take advantage of the eShop deals and a Dawid recommendation. So this weekend I’m looking forward to starting Starlink and continuing with sci-fi Indie The Way. Will probably give Tetris 99 a go over the weekend too. As Sunday will Mario Day (Mar10) I should probably return to Super Mario Odyssey to commemorate the occasion. Other than that – looking forward to the football on Sunday. [Count on Tim to have a celebration planned for Mario Day. He’ll for sure wear the cap all day, I can personally garuantee it.]

Marko: As I alluded to at the start of the article, I have just recently moved. There are boxes and crates everywhere, I don’t really know where my underwear is and I’ve been stuck in Survival Mode for five days without power. I have quite a lot to unpack and do, but some gaming is for sure going to happen. My PS4 is connected and my PC is hungry. What I’ll play will be decided as I go, I’ve forgotten what civilization feels like.

And that’s your wrap for this week! I wasn’t around for the majority of it, but I’ll be back next week ready to be ornery about the industry again. Like God intended. I hope you lot have a great weekend and considering the volume of games released recently, most of you will have something to enjoy. Also, does anyone want to help me unpack, I got cookies?

Free Games Vrydag returns next week! There might be some division when the winners get announced, but it’s still a really cool prize.

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