Finally a Shenmue 3 gameplay trailer that looks promising

Shenmue launched in an era before Grand Theft Auto 3 sweeped players off their feet with its popular open-world structure. Back then it was as ‘open-world’ as it got and because of that and its inspiring story of Ryo, it created long-time fans. Shenmue 3, an unlikely sequel after so many years, hasn’t quite lived up to expectations so far, but the new trailer shows much promise.

Ryo continues his quest in solving the mystery of the Phoenix Mirror. In the below trailer you get to see some of the wacky NPCs that he’ll meet on his quest and also the training he’ll have to endure if he plans to take on all that the world has to offer. The fighting system reminds us very much of Virtua Fighter, which would make sense as Yu Suzuki (its creator and current developer) was one of the designers that brought us the popular SEGA fighter.

From a graphical point of view it’s not going to win any awards, but it stays true to the style that made it so iconic on the SEGA Dreamcast in the early 2000s. It probably won’t win many more fans, but those that have stuck with it for such a long time should be pleased with the below footage:

Shenmue 3 is scheduled to launch for PC and PS4 on 27 August.

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