A new DOOM movie has been announced, with no ties to id Software

A new movie inspired by the incredibly popular DOOM franchise called DOOM Annihilation has been announced and will be released later in 2019. To be quite frank, it doesn’t really look that good. Although to be fair, the 37-second trailer for it doesn’t show too much, so let’s give it the benefit of the doubt for now:

The most important thing though is that id Software, the developers responsible for the DOOM series, doesn’t have anything to do with it when questioned on social media about their involvement:

So no real opinion on it, or showing any kind of support for it whatsoever. It seems that the DOOM license has been made available to Universal, and that id Software and DOOM the game aren’t allowed to say anything bad about the film, but that is speculation.

Video game movies have never been very good, although some series like Resident Evil did go on to enjoy a fair amount of success. The problem is that Hollywood hasn’t realised yet that video games and films are two different entities, despite it sharing some similarities. Video games for a start often have their narrative weaved into its gameplay and can use other, much more creative ways of bringing a message across, so there’s a reason why video game movies never really work. But as I said, let’s give DOOM Annihilation the benefit of the doubt. At least for now.

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