Control is looking like the Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy sequel we never got

Remedy Entertinament have forever taken the upstream route in terms of their subject matter and their unique direction when it comes to gameplay. They never take the easy route, which results in gamers getting something fresh for their efforts. They generally ooze quality with any project they produce and Control is starting to look like something incredibly awesome.

There’s always been some sort of supernatural twist to their games. Max Payne had bullet time at his disposal, Alan Wake tackled super natural enemies and environments while the events in Quantum Break took the Supernatural to a whole new level with in-depth storytelling. Control will be pushing all these boundaries to the max as Jesse Faden, the protagonist you play as, comes with some exceptional powers… some powers you might have experienced years ago with a little title named Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy.

Jesse uses the power of telekinesis and telepathic abilities to attack or defend against incoming threats. Combined with your standard gunplay, you’ll also get to exploit your foes by invading their minds. This in turn gets them to fight on your side, but there are more benefits to doing this. Some enemies come with traits that assist you in fights, like a medic healing you while you take care of matters. Where she rises a step above what you might have experienced in Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy is the fact that she can also levitate. As a player you get to control her height and everything about her unique ability. Whether she is on the air or ground, she has access to all the various powers, though when she’s in the air it comes with some additional benefits.

Control is looking really promising. The world of games has been missing these features for many years now if anyone can pull it off it is Remedy Entertainment. Get a look at the interview with GameInformer below, along with some gameplay footage.

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