Get your first look at Microsoft’s Project xCloud in action

Microsoft originally shared their dream of a streaming service in 2018 and last night the first glimpse into what this service will turn into has become a reality.

Project xCloud is a video game streaming service that’ll allow players to play any of the Xbox games wherever they have a client (app, on a mobile device for example). All you require is a decent online connection and with that you’ll be able to expand how and where you play your games. So, that means you can in the future play the digital Xbox One games you own on your mobile and perhaps other devices… like the Switch? They’ve not confirmed platforms yet, but it’s highly likely that the service will be available for as many devices as humanly possible.

Julia Hardy, an Inside Xbox presenter, provided us with our first real look at the service in action by playing a game of Forza Horizon 4 on mobile. As can be seen you can hook up an Xbox One controller to a mobile phone, so none of this touch-screen nonsense. You’ll get to press actual buttons, triggers and analogue inputs to play your games wherever you might please.

This new service is planned to kick off this year and we expect that E3 will play a big part in that bit of news.

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