MotoGP 19 speeds to most formats in June

Did you enjoy the first race to the season this past weekend? There is just something beautiful about MotoGP at present. Each race is filled with lots of excitement and you’re never quite sure who will take the win. One thing that isn’t that unpredictable is that you’ll see an annual game for the sport and MotoGP 19 will race to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 9 June, with a Switch version planned for release at a later date.

One area that MotoGP has been struggling with for some time is the AI. It’s just never been any good, but now it looks like they’re moving on to something better called ‘Artificial Intelligence based on Neural Networks’. What exactly is that? We think it’s best they explain it in their own words:

To provide the community the hardest level of challenge it was necessary to introduce a new paradigm, a revolution. Milestone and Orobix – a company specialized in engineering Artificial Intelligence solutions -worked more than 2 years on a revolutionary AI system based on Neural Networks. The result? An AI incredibly fast on track with extremely realistic behaviors.

There will also be dedicated servers for better only multiplayer games, though that would suck for SA if there aren’t enough players online and you’ll be filling the shoes of some legendary bikers and their machines. MotoGP 19 does indeed sound like the step ahead it needs, let’s hope it fills those promises.

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