The Art Of Super Mario Odyssey heading for the US gives us some hope

I’m a big Mario fan. I’m also a massive fan of the art and design of video games. So you can understand my excitement (and I’m sure at least some you will share it) with the news coming out of Polygon yesterday: The 368-page hardcover book ‘The Art of Super Mario Odyssey’ published by Dark Horse will be hitting the US in October. The book has been released previously in Japan, however, the move to Western shores gives us some hope that it may become available to us here in SA at some point. Even if not, ordering directly from the States has become a lot easier over the years (even if still ridiculously expensive).

And talking about expensive, according to Polygon, the book has a list price of $49.99. (Yup, at the current exchange rate that’s somewhere over R710.00). It will include “concept art, early sketches, design ideas that didn’t make the cut and even some notes from the development team”. I am very excited about this one – and after Mar10 day this weekend, I’m just about ready to boot SMO up again for another run. Also, in (clearly) unrelated news – I’m currently looking for a rich American benefactor.

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