Two new modes shoot their way into Red Dead Online

Rockstar ain't horsin' around

Rockstar really is the gift that keeps on giving. Even six years after its initial release on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, GTA V is still getting regular updates and timed events. Now it seems like Rockstar is aiming for a similar approach with Red Dead Online.

Over the past week they have announced two new game modes namely Fool’s Gold and Spoils of War.

Fool’s Gold is a free roam event which means they are player-versus-player challenges that will pop up from time to time as you wander the world. “In Fool’s Gold, you will battle other players to wear the Golden Armor, taking down opponents while wearing it to earn points. You can also score points by taking out a rival player that’s wearing the Golden Armor, which then puts the armor up for grabs to whoever reaches it first.”

Spoils of War is a new showdown event. Showdown Series events are team-based, competitive matches where you play with matchmade strangers, with your Posse or a combination of the above. “In Spoils of War, 2-16 players compete in this team-based mode to defend their stockpile and raid each other’s. Each team must steal loot from their opponent’s base and return it to theirs, while defending their own stash. Whichever team steals the most by the end of the match wins.”

In addition to the above two modes, they have also added a bunch of new outfits so you can look your best for your “Wanted” poster.

These updates are available as of today.

Sources: Spoils of War, Fool’s Gold

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