Become a killer robot ninja infused with an ancient warrior in Kunai

Robots are generally awesome. Whereas Ninjas are鈥ell鈥ust as awesome. Fuse the two together and you create something magnificent – A KILLER ROBOT NINJA!

Humans are in danger and close to extinction. A traumatic event has all but wiped us out, and left robots to roam free across our planet. Our only hope is Tabby. “A killer robot infused with the soul of an ancient warrior”.

Developed by TurtleBlaze, Kunai is a Metroidvania game that has players starting out with nothing, and then progressing through the game with killing enemy robots, increasing Tabby’s (not the deadliest of robot names, I know) strength and unlocking abilities, weapons and ninja skills. With over a thousand ninja tricks, players will be able to move around the world with deadly force and ease. And in the traditional style of Metroidvania games, you can be sure that there are areas that players can only reach once they’ve unlocked these abilities.

Kunai is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Source: Gematsu

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