Dead Cells to receive its first free expansion at the end of March

Dead Cells has received a steady stream of updates, tweaking and balancing since it released in August last year. The roguelike platformer also received a custom mode not too long ago, which allows players to customise their runs to their heart’s content.

But that is not enough for developer Motion Twin, who will be releasing the first free expansion for Dead Cells on 28 March. The expansion called Rise of the Giant will grant you access to a brand new level called the Cavern which will apparently be tough as nails, and will also only be accessible to those who have beaten the game at least once.

The expansion will also include 10 new weapons, 10 new skills, an alternate ending, as well as an apparent secret level. And remember, all this added content will be completely free.

It’s amazing how a small independent studio such as Motion Twin can continue to support their games and communities through updates such as these. It’s something the rest of the industry can only aspire to. Dead Cells is an excellent game and you owe it to yourself to give the roguelike dungeon crawling 2D platform game a bash if you haven’t already.

Rise of the Giant will release on PC on 28 March and on consoles at a later date, although that’s not yet been announced.

Source: PC Gamer

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