Microsoft announces Xbox Live for mobile games and Game Stack developer tools

According to The Verge, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Live network will be coming to any iOS or Android devices.

The software giant is launching a new cross-platform mobile software development kit (SDK) for game developers to bring Xbox Live functionality to games that run on iOS and Android. Xbox Live features like achievements, Gamerscore, hero stats, friend lists, clubs, and even some family settings will all be available on iOS and Android.

Tom Warren, The Verge

The article goes into quite a bit of detail and is worth a read, however, in summary, it explains that developers will be able to cherry pick what functionality from the Xbox Live service they will implement and it will all be enabled through Microsoft’s Single-Sign-In. Additionally, Microsoft announced a “new Microsoft Game Stack” which will provide developers with a whole collection of game making tools.

As has been rumoured previously, it seems Phil Spencer is also open to the idea of allowing the service to one day be available on the Nintendo Switch and PS4. And while that latter option may be a just pipe dream, for now, reject it out of hand at your own peril. Microsoft continues to make big moves in this space and at least for now ‘interconnectivity and crossplay’ are very high on their agenda. And they are definitely putting their money where their mouth is.

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