The Epic Games Store is planning some massive improvements over the next six months

When the Epic Games Store was in the news recently, it all revolved around its exclusivity controversies and basically taking a game away from other storefronts. However, this is now a common thing that happens that we just kind of have to accept it. Despite these exclusive PC games, the store doesn’t really have anything going for it. It looks pretty shallow, there aren’t a lot of features and it’s basically just a page in the Epic Games launcher that we all begrudgingly had to install when Fortnite became popular.

But Epic has some big plans for their storefront. A document was shared by the company that neatly lays out the roadmap for the near future. You can find that here. The roadmap tells us some very interesting things. For the near future, we can expect cloud saves, better patch sizes, add-on support and so on, but within the next 4-6 months, we got wishlists, bundles, more currencies in different regions, play time tracking, mods, an overlay and so on.

The TBD and long term goals are also full of surprises. We got achievements, a shopping cart, releases in Korea, gifting and an Android Store which can be huge because that’s an addition of hundreds of thousands of games to the store. As you can see, Epic isn’t playing around. All these improvements basically spell out “we’re trying to become Steam”. The store has a long way to go before it rips people away from Steam, but it’s already putting a huge dent into the effort and once all these changes and improvements are implemented, we might have a new challenger on our hands in the PC gaming space.

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