Two Point Hospital opens for a free weekend, and promises free face hugs!

As we round the corner and smell the sweet scent of weekend, it’s always a good idea to plan out your free time a little to maximize on gaming and relaxation. This weekend you can schedule in some one-on-one time with Two Point Hospital, since it’ll be free for the next 3-ish days (time zones, etc).

But wait, there’s more! Alongside the free weekend comes some cosmetic packs, which includes items inspired by other SEGA games including Creative Assembly, Sports Interactive and Amplitude. And can you really have a party without Valve? Probably, but everyone likes hugs so why not add in a Face-Hugger to your “To Cure” list?

If you don’t own the game yet, be sure to make use of the 33% discount that accompanies the free festivities. And coming Monday is the brand new DLC for this widely renowned game, Pebberley Island.

I obviously don't know anything about games. I'm just here for the free food, and to push my feminist agenda.

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