Ubisoft, id Software, Crystal Dynamics and more to join Google GDC session

Google is brewing up something big. Earlier this week they announced that they would be showcasing their entrance into the video game scene at GDC. Since then a controller sample has leaked and they’ve also launched their official teaser trailer. Thing are about to heat up in the Google kitchen.

They’ve now come back with some tweets on their official Twitter account to confirm some big names that’ll attend their session. Here we go:

Those are some big names and it’s making a lot of sense. It was announced that Jade Ramond had joined them as Vice President and with her ties to Ubisoft the picture is clearing up. It’s no secret that Ubisoft got Assassin’s Creed Odyssey running as a streaming service in the past, so she’s probably quite involved getting that partnership running between the two parties. But, with Amy Hennig joining the fold as another big name there could be much more to it. Ubisoft is open to game-streaming, but seeing id Software and Crystal Dynamics in the mix means that we’ll see Doom on the service (as per the tweet) and also very likely the Tomb Raider series.

Whatever happens at GDC, it’s going to be one interesting session. We’ll be sure to report back on the outcome when it takes place.

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