Bethesda has confirmed its E3 showcase date and time

Some have been speculating that E3 is slowly but surely turning into a ghost town. Both PlayStation and EA have confirmed that they won’t be appearing at the show, which left some of us wondering whether we would see the other big publishers pulling out too. Thankfully Bethesda has confirmed they they will be attending the event, along with a showcase.

Expect the show to take place on 9 June at about 2.30 am SA time. Yes, it’ll be one of those where you wake up and discover some good news from the night before, unless you’re far too excited about the next work or school day. They uploaded the below tweet to confirm all that, though we love the snarky jab at Walmart Canada (who leaked Rage 2 last year, ahead of the official reveal).

So far we have Bethesda, Devolver Digital and Microsoft who have confirmed press briefings. We’re now just waiting for Ubisoft and perhaps Square Enix to confirm theirs, then it’s full steam ahead for the special month of the year. E3 might be a bit toned down, but we think there will still be lots to get excited for when it eventually arrives in June.

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