Oculus Rift S Announced

GDC 2019 is well underway and while Google has stolen a lot of the headlines with their big Stadia announcement, there have been quite a few other bits of news trickling out of the conference. Oculus, for example, has now got in on the action announcing their new Oculus Rift S PC VR Headset.

According to their blog post, you can look forward to the following improvements (amongst others):

  • Improved optics and display technology deliver a sharper picture with higher pixel density.
  • Increased comfort, better weight distribution, and improved light blocking, as well as a simple, single-cable system.
  • No external sensors and redesigned Oculus Touch controllers

Interestingly(?) Oculus partnered with Lenovo to design the Rift S, in order to “draw on their experience in the VR and AR space and feedback from the Lenovo Legion gaming community”.

The new system is due to launch this year in the States during their Spring season. Oculus is currently owned by Facebook. In 2014 Facebook acquired Oculus paying (in cash and stocks) somewhere in the region of $2 billion.

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