Apple Arcade is the new mobile gaming subscription service by Apple

Subscriptions services are going to be the future of entertainment. You already get subscriptions for books, you got your Netflix and a hundred other streaming services, Xbox Game Pass is a thing, EA Access is great and so on. Subscriptions are great when you use to them to decent effect, but some might feel it’s a little too saturated out there. However, innovations in the subscriptions space are always interesting to witness.

Apple, the tech giant that can literally create its own country if it wanted to, has formally revealed Apple Arcade. It’s a service that allows you to download any mobile game you want and the most important part of this whole thing is coming up. It’s a list of curated games with zero purchase required and no in-app purchases to be found. Is that some kind of new heaven?

Apple has teamed up with many mobile gaming heavyweights and are promising 100 new titles when the service launches. You can watch the full reveal trailer here:

I’m almost immediately cynical about every new subscription service these days, but Apple Arcade looks like a solid experience. Tons of curated and specially designed mobile games with no microtransactions or any tricks to get you to pay for them. Just wholesome mobile games that you can play at your leisure. It almost makes you want to buy an iPhone, huh?

The release date is set for Fall 2019 and it’ll be coming to iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple TV. A desktop app may also be available.

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