Samurai Shodown has a new trailer with a launch date and more on the way

While Samurai Shodown was first revealed at the 2018 Tokyo Games Show, we haven’t really seen all that much of it outside of teaser trailers. It’s been quite a while since we last got a Samurai Shodown game but it looks like we’ll be returning to SNK’s fighter quite soon.

It was a pleasant surprise when SNK revealed last year that they were bringing back the series, but it has become quite the ride since. There was the usual elation that comes with the return of a beloved franchise but now that Samurai Shodown will be on the main stage of EVO 2019 all eyes are on the slashfest. Now that we’ve been able to see more of the game in action we also know that the game will release in June 2019.

The June 2019 release date isn’t the whole truth, however, as the game will only release on PS4 and Xbox One at that time. The Switch and PC versions will come later in the year, which is never the best for a fighting game. With the pressure of the game being an EVO title, SNK needs to get it out as soon as possible and that, unfortunately, means the two ‘smaller’ platforms have to take the knock. There’s a lot riding on this release it seems like SNK is ready to bring their A game.

Along with this trailer, SNK announced that they will also be hosting a livestream on the 4th of April where more will be revealed. The developers will be joined by top fighting game players Momochi and Chocoblanka so that should mean we get to see a lot more of the game in action. From what we’ve seen so far, Samurai Shodown looks great but the game does have a divisive legacy. With this reboot, hopefully, SNK has what it takes to get people into the classic fighter.

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