The Burning Question: What was your biggest jump scare moment in a game?

It’s time to leave the ‘tough you’ at the door. Instead, you can share how a game scared the living crap out of you. There are so many jump scare moments in games, even some games that aren’t supposed to be survival horror games, that has your heart dropping to the ground and your controller or keyboard flying across the room. Developers must love it, as there are so many moments to chose from.

For me there was one unexpected jump scare moment I don’t think I’ll ever forget. Yes, the Resi dog jumping through the window scared the living hell out of me, but nothing came close to the @$$hole who decided it was a good idea to have a Necromorph jump down behind me in my “safe place” in Dead Space. You see, these developers have you believe that when you enter the bench area, where you do upgrades to your suit, that everything is safe. Throughout your campaign you always know that as soon as you see a bench things are good and that you’re safe and that nothing will harm you. It’s like the safe rooms in Resident Evil – it’s where you get to drop your heart rate to something that won’t cause a heart attack.

No, that’s not the case with Dead Space.

In the first game you’re at your bench, doing some upgrades and getting ready for whatever onslaught the game might throw your way next when a bastard Necromorph jumps up from behind you as soon as you close the bench. I think there was quite a stench in the air in our lounge when that happened. From that moment on I never trusted a Dead Space area again. They broke all trust and ANYTHING could jump out at any moment. Screw you, Dead Space!

I’ve time stamped the moment in another person’s playthrough below (I’m sure he died of a heart attack afterwards and someone else continued playing…). Head to the 9:30 mark, in case the time stamp is broken.

So, let us know about your biggest jump scare moment and how it nearly caused you a heart attack.

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