All aboard the Borderlands hype train!

Twitter was set alight when Gearbox Software teased a game reveal, and that little game being Borderlands. Even the official Xbox twitter page joined in and expressed their excitement for what ever Borderlands news we were going to receive in the near future.

The teaser video aptly named “Mask of Mayhem” features some old and new characters like Lilith and Mordecai, along with Handsome Jack to name but a few. What’s interesting is what appears to be a villainous duo that appears throughout the teaser and how they appear to hold the Borderlands logo upside down. The video is littered with the usual beasts such as skags and the maniacal characters. In between all those you’ll see a claptrap or two being harassed by some of the beasts.

We also get a glimpse of the new vault hunters which appear to be the Assassin, Beastmaster, Soldier and Siren classes. There’s also some hidden messages in the form of morse code that appears on the top left of the video, and Braille towards the end of the video that read “Count the Sirens” and “Follow and Obey” respectively.

Borderlands fans will be mining the internet over the next few weeks trying to find out what the 5 x 5 digit code hidden within the video means or what it leads to. Hopefully we’ll be treated by Gearbox during their panel at Pax East later today and just put us out of our current state of hyper anticipation. Have a look at the teaser trailer below.

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