Enter the Gungeon says goodbye with A Farewell to Arms

The premise for Enter the Gungeon is pretty simple: you get guns and you shoot stuff. The indie roguelike made its theme guns and just rolled with it into absurdity. Fortunately, this became an incredibly fun game and developers Dodge Roll have managed to keep the good times coming. Unfortunately, this is coming to an end, however, it’s not without a bang.


A Farewell to Guns will be the final piece of free content for Enter the Gungeon and is coming out on the 5th of April. While the announcement for this content pack is very brief, you can expect the following:

  • New Gungeoneers
  • New Guns & Items
  • New Secret Floor & Boss
  • Rainbow Mode & More

And probably some other fun additions. The new gungeoneer, Paradox, is definitely something to look forward to as they allow players to start runs with random items. All in all, this will probably land up being a fantastic way to send off this trigger happy roguelike since a game filled with fun and secrets can only be made better with more. If you’ve never given the game a shot before, now would probably be a good time and if you’ve maybe stepped away from it for a while, you best be prepared to reload.

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