Kaz Hirai is retiring from Sony

Kazuo ‘Kaz’ Hirai has been a part of Sony for 35 years and after such a long stint at the company, he is leaving when it is definitely in a good position, after saving it from pretty dire straits. In April 2018 Hirai stepped down as Sony CEO, moving to Director and Chairman. Now he has announced that in June he is retiring.

Hirai handed over to Kenichiro Yoshida, then CFO. Before being CEO, Hirai headed up Sony Computer Entertainment and oversaw the PS3’s launch.

“Since passing the baton of CEO to Yoshida-san last April, as Chairman of Sony, I have had the opportunity to both ensure a smooth transition and provide support to Sony’s management. I am confident that everyone at Sony is fully aligned under Yoshida-san’s strong leadership, and are ready to build an even brighter future for Sony. As such, I have decided to depart from Sony, which has been a part of my life for the past 35 years. I would like to extend my warmest gratitude to all our employees and stakeholders who have supported me throughout this journey.”

Even though he is leaving the building, Hirai says he will still be available for input if Sony needs it. I guess some people don’t ever just retire.

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