Six times you went ‘HELL YEAH’ while playing video games

Spoiler Alert: We will be spoiling a very big moment in God of War which released last year. If you haven’t played it yet, and don’t want it spoiled, kindly skip that entry and come back after you played it. Also please play nice in the comments.

Video games are truly fantastical. We get to do and experience a lot of interesting things that our normal everyday lives just doesn’t allow for, first, because we don’t have the money, and secondly, most of the times the things we do will get us killed instantly in real life, and robot dinosaurs don’t exist, yet.

Video games give us an opportunity to get the adrenaline pumping, and with the advances in gameplay, graphics and story telling, we just cannot help getting invested in it and sometimes just go “HELL YEAH” as certain things happen on the screen. Here are some of those moments.

Facing a Thunderjaw for the first time – Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is a fantastic game. Not only does it look good and have an incredible story to experience, but it also has some very good gameplay and combat. The first time you face the poster child of the machines, the mighty Thunderjaw, is an experience you won’t likely forget. By the time you see one of these things, you will have some experience and would have come to grips with how the game works.

The robotic T-Rex is huge and very intimidating, with good reason, as it will most likely be the biggest and toughest thing you would’ve had to take on up to that point, and it as an impressive arsenal at its disposal. That first fight is a dance of death as you try and dodge his attacks and remove parts and weapons you can use against him. You have no choice but to get excited and with everything going on, you will no doubt shout “HELL YEAH” long before the gruelling fight ends!

Being on top of the leaderboard of your favourite multiplayer game for the first time

This have become much more prevalent with the rise in popularity of the battle royale format of multiplayer where you and/or your team need to get outlast everyone else in order to win and get that chicken dinner. Beating everyone else on the map without dying and claiming that win can bring about one huge “HELL YEAH”, especially the first time you do it after many failures.

But the feeling has always been there. Being on top of a leaderboard, or winning your first online ranked Tekken match is something truly special since you know you outplayed everyone else in this instance. Man, it’s a good feeling.

Getting that trophy or achievement for a really hard game

Getting some achievements is really not that hard, some games will reward you with a maximum score or a Platinum trophy for simply finishing it. But others are truly challenging and are worthy of the badge of honour that it bestows upon you.

Finally getting that Platinum trophy or 1000 point Gamerscore can be one of the best feelings in the world, especially if you were gunning for it, and were forced to play a game on the hardest difficulty available and do certain impossible looking things. Here’s looking at you The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. HELL YEAH!

Beating the Cleric Beast for the first time – Bloodborne

The Cleric Beast is nowhere near the most memorable or even the hardest boss in the massive pantheon of fantastic From Software bosses. But it is one that will definitely get your blood pumping and have you shouting “HELL YEAH!” as you down this dangerous foe.

For a start, the Cleric Beast is very well designed to teach you the mechanics of the game, since, by the time you reach the boss fight, you should be familiar with how the game works. The arena you engage the boss in is fairly small, which forces you to get up close and personal with this hairy, and intimidating, screeching fiend. You are quickly taught to dodge incoming attacks and the pace of the encounter quickly ramps up to 11. It’s not a very challenging boss, but it might take a few tries, and by the time you down this awful beast you will definitely be punching the air triumphantly. You’ll probably feel pretty chuffed with yourself until you reach Farther Gascoigne.

Going really really fast in any racing game

There are few things as exhilarating as speed. It will most definitely get the adrenaline going, but it’s not something all of us get to experience first hand. Thanks to video games, and with advancements in technology, we are able to experience it in a virtual way. Especially if you get to strap a VR headset on and sit behind a steering wheel setup (Thanks Dawid)!

Some games also get it just right, with the Forza Horizon franchise being probably of the best. The mix of arcade silliness as well as realism makes it the perfect blend to truly feel the rush of everything going by you at break-neck speeds. and if weaving through traffic at 320km/h don’t have you going “HELL YEAH”, the few things will.


Final warning for God of War which released last year. If you haven’t played it yet, please scroll to the second bunny and come back when you have played this phenomenal game which deserves to be experienced first hand. Oh and here’s the first bunny:

That mid-game moment – God of War

During your journey with Kratos and Boy, you get to grips with fighting and using the Leviathan Axe, a powerful weapon that is both fun to use and quite powerful. At some point in the game, however, you cannot use it in a certain area, and Kratos return home to retrieve his old weapons, the Blades of Chaos.

Throughout the game, it is kind of hinted at that you will at some point get Kratos’ signature weapons, but you don’t quite know how, and it still remains kind of unexpected. The whole scene of him rowing his boat to his house while being mocked by Athena is not only intense by is dripping with anticipation. You know what is coming, but somehow it seems too good to be true. When the God of War finally does wrap those chains around his arms and steps outside to destroy some poor unknowing enemies, you will be shouting “HELL YEAH” at the top of your lungs!

For a massive fan of the series, it was one of the best moments I’ve experienced in video games, and something I will not quickly forget. What a moment!

…second bunny

And that’s the list. Are there any other HELL YEAH moments you would like to mention? But please remember that some of those epic moments you experienced could be spoilers for others, so I ask again, play nice.

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