Get early access to Media Molecule’s Dreams in April

Media Molecule has never been a development company to conform to the norm. They’re always pushing boundaries when it comes to design, art, physics and anything you can think of that surrounds the development of a game. Their next step is as ambitious as it’s downright dreamy and you’ll get access to it in just over two weeks time.

Dreams will finally be available for early access on 16 April. This means that the game is still not 100% complete, but that there is enough for you to buy the game and mess with the available tools at hand. The early access content will come with games that you can completely pull apart, to see how they were constructed or you can improve on it by adding to the existing game. There are limited spaces available, so if you’ve been keen on trying out your hand at developing virtual worlds to share with others (or downloading projects from other people) then you best buy the game before it’s too late.

We had a look on the local PlayStation ZA store and it’s not available to buy at the time of writing. Hopefully we see it launching on our shores.

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