Get ready to open the Vault in Heaven

Are you ready to open Heaven’s Vault?
Join Aliya Elasra, an archaeologist exploring an ancient network of moons known as The Nebula. Along with her robot Six, you’ll have to help her discover lost sites, ancient ruins and help translate inscriptions to reveal what lies in the past. Be warned though, as deciphering a hieroglyphic language will change Aliya’s ideas on what she’s found. A unique puzzle mechanic with a twist in narrative.

The game has quite an interesting non-linear design, allowing players to move through the story in the order that they choose. This is powered by the developer’s narrative engine, wehich records every choice you make, as well as every choice you don’t. This, in turn, feeds that into the direction the story takes. Your choices will also affect the game’s cast of characters. Everything you say may change their outlook and approach of you. So be wary of how you treat them.

The game launches on the 16th of April for the PlayStation 4 and PC, with Mac and iOS versions to be released at a later date.

Check out the game’s website here.

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