The famous NBA Jam voice is on fire in Rage 2

Why Bethesda would launch something so unique on April Fools’ day is beyond us (remember, April Fools’ still took place late last night in the US). When launching a trailer that is so downright awesome, yet very suspect on such a day, we are going to ask questions. Thankfully we can confirm that this is indeed real. The man behind the voice in NBA Jam, Tim Kitzrow, will be the announcer in a new ‘He’s On Fire Cheat Code’ mode in Rage 2.

Those of you who played NBA Jam will pick up on his iconic voice in seconds. He’s the man that made ‘From Downtown’, ‘He’s Heating Up’, ‘Boomshakalaka’ and more phrases household names in the 90s. He’s now back to bring his unique sense of verbal humour to Rage 2. In the below trailer you’ll see the new mode in action, along with some old and new phrases that include ‘Fly Like an Eagle!’, ‘Should Have Had Your Vitamins’ and ‘Talk to the Hand’ and many more.

Be aware that this particular mode will be included as a pre-order bonus in the deluxe edition, though you’ll likely be able to buy it as DLC post launch if you buy the standard game.

Rage 2 launch on 14 May for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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