Five video game worlds we’d like to visit in real life

One of the main reasons many of us enjoy video games is the sense of escapism they provide. No matter what is going on in the real world, you can get away from it all and travel anywhere from the comfort of your couch. From medieval fantasy lands to futuristic city-scapes and even imaginative lands of wonderful nonsense – marvellous places are just a click away.

Now, while there is something to be said about travelling to these worlds virtually – I’d like to imagine that it’d really be something to visit them in real life too. Sure, some games that picture dystopian worlds of chaos may be better experienced through your tv screen, but if we could ignore the issue of safety for just a second, there are many worlds I sometimes wish were real places we could visit, even for just a quick holiday.

31st Century Earth – Horizon Zero Dawn

HZD is a big favourite for a lot of the SA Gamer Team and whether you enjoyed the game or not, it’s hard to argue about how beautifully it depicts the Earth in the future. Sure, the weird mix of primitive living and technology would take some getting used to and the large mechanised creatures intent on your demise may affect its Trip Advisor scores a little, but what a place for views…. right?

The Mushroom Kingdom – The Mario-verse

Now, it wouldn’t be a good ‘Tim-list’ if there wasn’t a reference to Mario somewhere so I’m sure you’re not suprised with this choice. [Ed: *Adds stripe on whiteboard tally counter.*] But, c’mon barring the occasional ‘Koopa King attempted takeover’ what’s not to like about a friendly, psychedelic kingdom with (I’m assuming) fantastic plumbing?

Planet 4546B – Subnautica

This one may play on many of our fears – loneliness, isolation, claustrophobia and the deep blue sea… but, um… imagine all the peace and quiet you’ll have? Oh and just the freshest alien sushi, ever! This is probably one where visiting the beautiful and scary submerged world will only seem properly appealing once it’s commercialised enough and the underwater hotels are up and running.

Kingdom of Hyrule – Breath of the Wild

Imagine Ganon and his monsters have all been defeated – and you just have the pretty world of Hyrule to explore… and perhaps set up a profitable and homey-feeling Link-themed AirBnB right on the edge if the mountain there. Mmmmmm… perfection.

Kanto – First Pokémon Region

Our resident Pokémon expert, Zain, is probably a better person to let you know why this place would be great to visit if it was real. But, very few of us cannot relate to exploring the very first Pokémon region on our Gameboy’s back in the day. The area was just so friendly and happy. And with the release of the Let’s Go series and the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie providing some modern visuals for our imagination – who wouldn’t want to be the very best, like no one ever was… in real life?

So those are five of my picks. Let me know how wrong I am, or which obvious one I missed in the comments section below.

Nintendo Nerd, sharing my love of Mario with the world one pixel at a time.

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