Forget the rumour mill, Borderlands 3’s release date, Vault Hunter aliases and pre-order packs revealed

It’s been a wild ride for Gearbox fans since last week’s reveal of Borderlands 3; some were disappointed by it’s non-Borderlands-esque video that was released, while others, like me, are absolutely stoked and excited out of our minds. Now the chaos Gods have blessed us this day with brand new info to share!

Before we start, though, watch this new announcement trailer. It ought to put the doubting fans a bit more at ease.

While I’ve absolutely loved every trailer so far, each time I’m waiting for something, some one-liner, to make me feel like this is still Borderlands. They have the look, they have the loot, but it has to have the feel. We’ll have to wait until it releases before we can judge. More on that later.

In the video it’s revealed what we will be calling our mysterious new wasteland champions. This time around our Siren will be known as Amara, Zane is our Hunter, the handsome robot known as Fl4k seems to be our Soldier, and our balls-to-the-wall Berzerker is this time represented by a very “don’t mess with me” looking Moze. A stellar cast, I think. Hopefully we see the return of the Mechromancer class, since Gaige was one crazy fun character to play as.

Along with the identities of the characters, the pre-order bonuses were also revealed. From plain to plain great, here they are:

  • Standard Edition – Includes the base game
  • Deluxe Edition – Includes the base game and 5 Cosmetic Skin Packs (Characters and Weapons)
  • Super Deluxe Edition – Includes the base game and 5 Cosmetic Skin Packs (Characters and Weapons). Plus the Season Pass which includes, 4 Campaign DLC Packs and the exclusive Butt Stallion Cosmetic Pack.

Yes, you read that right! Butt Stallion isn’t dead, and you’ll have it in cosmetic form in the game. It’s a great little nod to number 2, to be honest. As for when the game releases? It will be hitting your PS4. XBO, and PC on the 13th of September 2019. That includes the Epic Games Store, just by the way. Support the developers, etc etc.

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