Respawn took down Apex Legends servers to fix a critical bug

Updates and patches are usually made to improve a platform or system, but sometimes things go horribly wrong, causing some serious issues. This happened when Respawn released update 1.1 for Apex Legends yesterday, which was intended to make some improvements to the game, but instead ended up resetting some players’ progress.

Respawn reacted very quickly, shutting down the servers in order to prevent it from happening to more people, and also rollback the update and fix the critical, potentially game-breaking bug. They also recommended to players still in the game to not buy or craft any thing.

The issue has since been resolved, and everyone’s accounts have been restored according to the Apex Legends Twitter feed.
The Tweet linked to the Reddit page, explaining what happened, and exactly what has been done to remedy the problem:

While this is not an ideal situation, Respawn has to be commended for their quick action in getting everything sorted and everyone back to playing so quickly. Yes, it should never have happened, but it sometimes does, and it’s not about what happened, but how quickly a solution is found.

Source: Polygon

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