Delayed: Super Meat Boy Forever not coming this month

The much-anticipated sequel to Super Meat Boy due this month has been delayed. Team Meat posted the news last night on their official Twitter account.

It seems the team considered their own health and decided that the April deadline would just not be attainable, and after several items of news about big development teams being overworked in the recent past, we’re happy that Team Meat has made the wise decision to postpone. Happily, as you can see from the bold text above fans will not have to wait for too long. And although no fixed release date was given we know it won’t be “too far after April 2019”.

Despite my love for platformers – the tone of the Meat Boy franchise always turned me off. That being said development of Super Meat Boy Forever game is interesting to look into. Two Eurogamer articles (here and here) really delve into the details and are worth a read but in summary: Not only has this game basically been ‘in-development’ since 2011 but since then Meat Boy co-creator Edmund McMillen has left, the team has grown to 5 (with 4 new members), and the game has changed from a one-button mobile-only (triggering wild disappointment) title to a made-for-consoles two-button auto-runner with randomly generated levels. Mayhem, right?

Well, will all this chaos still breed meaty-success? Only (some more) time will tell.

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