Jump into the Tidal Basin in The Division 2’s latest update

The streets of D.C. has been rife with chaos. You and the rest of your Division agents have probably been battling the Hyenas, True Sons and Outcast factions at every corner of the city. Trying to maintain order and peace. However, if you’ve already hit that endgame progress and took on the Black Tusk faction, you’ll be glad to hear about the latest update that swept like a wave over the game, known as Invasion Battle for D.C.

The latest update grants players a new world tier, WT5, along with a new gear score cap at 500. An additional difficulty, Heroic. Three gear sets, namely Ongoing Directive, True Patriot and Hard Wired. A new faction stronghold known as Tidal Basin, which is held by the Black Tusk faction. A new PVP map. And weekly invaded missions involving the Black Tusk operations. These missions can be played on any difficulty and will reset weekly.

Important note: the content within the update is only available once the player has made their way to World Tier 4 and has increased their gear level to at least 425.

In the games patch notes, the developer has also listed a few “Game Changes”. Some of the more notable ones are ‘Stability and Performance’ issues. ‘General Bug Fixes’ that include various sound improvements. And ‘Gameplay and UI’ which affected players in trapping their characters in several areas. These changes include a streamlining of skill power requirements for skill mods, and no drawbacks on weapon mods.

Source: Ubisoft

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