Wolfenstein: Youngblood skipping cartridges on Switch, only available as download

It’s incredible to me that in the year of our lord 2019, we still have cartridges. Sure, they took a completely different form, but the Switch is pioneering the technology mainly because of how compact it is. However, digital is still the strongest, especially on Switch where having your games with you on the console is valuable.

However, Wolfenstein: Youngblood is deviating away from the tradition by still having a retail box but the box only contains a download code for the game. This news was spotted by Nintendo Everything who noticed that GameStop has the game listed on the Switch, but it says “No cartridge for this game. Code will be packed in box. Internet connection required.” It makes sense since the difference between a sheet of paper and a high capacity cartridge is pretty stark and I also think that the game might be too large for the cartridge.

It’s an unfortunate thing for collectors because I see this becoming a trend in the future. Thankfully the box is left untouched so there’s at least still something to display, but having the cartridge will be out of the question. It’s a bit dubious to think about too since you can’t trade the game in or sell it now due to it being, you know, ones and zeroes.

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