Rumour: Dino Crisis reboot, Splinter Cell and more to be revealed at Xbox E3 conference

We’re fast approaching that crazy time of the year where rumours will start dropping all over the show leading up to E3. Some of them will be true and other rumours will be nothing but farts in the wind. The first set is looking real juicy and we’re holding thumbs that one or two of these might be true.

A Reddit user says that he spotted the details on a Spanish website (which he kindly translated into English for all) where a verified Resetera member, Leocarian, confirmed the following details he’s aware of. Get ready, because it’s real exciting, if true:

  • The show will start with an MCC trailer of the PC edition, this will be followed by a new Halo Infinite trailer gameplay showing a 2020 release in time with Scarlett.
  • Up next Gears 5 gameplay with a holiday 2019 release, this will continue with gameplay of Gears Tactics.
  • New gameplay of Battletoads and Ori and the Will of the Wisps.
  • New expansions for Sea of Thieves.
  • A new mech game by Piranha Bytes.
  • There will be a new studio acquisition.
  • World premiere of a Dino Crisis reboot.
  • New Splinter Cell game.
  • Playground will show a tease of the new Fable game.
  • Ninja Theory will show their new IP “Bleeding Edge”.
  • Rare will show a new IP for the next gen systems.
  • The next gen consoles will be revealed, followed with new functions for the Xbox Live service and more xCloud information.

Very juicy indeed. Don’t get too excited. Last year Walmart Canada dropped a bunch of leaks that had some genuine details mixed up with fake ones. We wouldn’t be surprised if something similar is going on here. Also, there’s no Cyberpunk 2077 details and we know for a fact that they’ll be at E3. We highly doubt they’ll show up without a trailer. Either way, get ready for many more rumours as we approach June.

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