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Social boundaries. We count our words and silence our opinions so as to not offend. In the age we live in, one wrongly worded, offensive sentence can go viral and easily even ruin our life. But that is why we surround ourselves with friends whom we trust and surroundings where we feel free to be ourselves and be outspoken about our opinions.

In those trusted circles and perhaps as a result of having to be so overly cautious with our words out in society, we are sometimes drawn to games which facilitate a harmless consensual transgression of social boundaries in a way that is funny and exciting. Which is most likely why party card games have become so popular.

Cards Against Humanity

“A party game for horrible people.” Most people who hate this game probably started playing thinking the slogan on the box was an exaggeration. Or maybe they just aren’t as terrible as their friends! But honestly, I think I’m a pretty decent person and I’ve cried many tears of laughter playing Cards Against Humanity. Albeit a decent person with a small appreciation for dark humor!

What it’s all about:

The game is for 4 to 20 people and can last as long as the laughter sticks around. Players start with a hand of white cards that contain a word or a part of a sentence. Players take turns to be the “judge” and draw a black card that normally has a sentence with a blank space/word missing. The other players semi-anonymously hand over a card which they think would make the sentence the most obscene. The judge reads the end results out loud, picks a winning card and hands it to the winner as their trophy. The person with the most black cards at the end of the game is deemed to be the most horrible person!

A party game for horrible people.

Cards Against Humanity

Since the goal is to make the crudest, rudest, and most abrasive sentence, you should know very soon whether this is your kind of game. Cards Against Humanity holds nothing back and does not want anyone to take themselves too seriously when playing this. We have had many entertaining nights playing this, but in between there were also a substantial amount of cringes. Unfortunately, some of the cards can be a bit too intense. Holocaust jokes are just not cool.

Overall, if you and your friends like a good laugh and aren’t too serious when it comes to sensitive topics, you will have some good times with a pack of Cards Against Humanity. Speaking of packs, there are a BUNCH of expansions like 90s, Sci-Fi, Theater and my favorite…Harry Potter!

What do you Meme?

Avocado toast, selfies and Justin Bieber. Millennials have brought us so many glorious things. But the best by far must be their version of “a picture is worth a thousand words”… Memes! Have you spent hours of your life scrolling through 9gag? Does your brain think in “Bad Luck Brian” and “First World Problem” memes? So, why haven’t you played What do you Meme?!

What it’s all about:

This is yet another easy card game to enjoy at a party with a small or large group of friends. Each round a different player gets to be the judge and draws a card with a picture of a meme. The other players semi-anonymously submit a card with a caption. The judge then picks the caption that suits the meme the best (or in most cases makes everyone laugh the most).

Play until you’re hungry, at which point stop playing and order a pizza.

What do you Meme?

You probably noticed that the gameplay is a lot like Cards Against Humanity. However, if Cards Against Humanity is a 10 on the Offensiveness Scale, then I would probably give What do you Meme? a 7. It definitely still has its fair share of sexual jokes, but a lot more randomness and a lot less racism and holocaust jokes.

The success of the game sometimes depends on how the judge picks the winners. It’s of course an objective decision but it’s easy to play to your audience and submit a card which you know the judge will find funny. Sometimes it sucks when your card perfectly matches the meme, but the judge picks a random caption. The longevity of the game can also be extended into infinity with the many expansions such as Stoner Expansion Pack, Mean Girls, Game of Thrones, etc.

Shit Happens

Living on Earth is no small feat. On a daily basis we encounter hundreds of potential situations that pose a threat to our physical or mental health. Well, a panel of mental health experts have rated them all from 1 to 100 to bring us: Shit Happens.

What it’s all about:

The game comes with 200 cards, accomodates 2 or more people and is labeled as a 18+ game due to some “adult situations” mentioned on the cards.

Players start with three dealt cards which they lay out in front of them. Each card has a shitty situation and a Misery Index Number at the bottom, given to it by the mental health experts to rate how badly the situation will screw you up. The starting player draws a new card from the deck and the person next to them has to guess an approximate Misery Index Number of that card. They do this by picking a spot that falls between two of the cards laid out infront of them. If the range is correct, the card is added to their row. First to 10 wins.

Now THAT’s a shitty situation!

The game keeps everyone engaged throughout. it’s pretty fun guessing what’s worse, a bird pooping on your head, stepping on a Lego or seeing your dad naked.

Unfortunately, some of the ratings seem completely unrealistic based on how normal people experience them. It can become frustrating when the ranges in your row become smaller and you can’t figure out how the experts think. Pretty shitty in that regard.

However, some of the cards prompt some interesting discussions and debates! It’s also interesting to see how we all experience life’s hiccups differently. So, Shit Happens but at least we can always find ways to laugh about it.

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