Burning Question: What critically-loved game did you dislike?

Video games are art. And because art is always subjective, opinions about video games can be a little bipolar. You just have to think of games like Fallout 76 and Anthem. In general, both critics and user review scores have been well below what was expected. In Fallout 76‘s case, many actually classify it as a subjectively bad, even broken, game. However, have you ever tried visiting the actual review page on most review sites? What you’ll no doubt find are some die-hard fans that have happily sunk 100s of hours into the games. Fans that are more than happy to defend their honour in the comments section. We love what we love, even when we are the only ones.

The reverse is also true. We all probably have ‘that’ game. The game that critics love but you just don’t get; The game that always receives rave reviews is also often super popular but that you just don’t enjoy. That’s what this week’s BQ is all about. So let me start us off…

Sadly, Stardew Valley

I really tried to love Stardew. It’s a game I should’ve enjoyed. Friends that know my taste in games often suggested I play it. It reviews really well, usually in the high 8s and 9s. And I know for many players (including fellow SA Gamer, Marko) this game holds a particularly dear place in their heart. Yet, after spending a good number of hours meeting with townspeople. Trying to make friends. Fishing. Farming. And even a little spelunking in the mysterious caves to the North… it still just hasn’t clicked. It’s somewhat sad, but true.

So what’s your Stardew Valley? What critically-loved (and maybe even very popular) game did you dislike? Let us know in the comments section below.

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