Resident Evil 2 gets DLC that unlocks everything you can earn in-game

I knew Capcom was being too friendly. The previous DLC kings shifted their tone a bit with their latest releases, even going so far as to have DMC V be completely without DLC. Resident Evil 2 got DLC, but it was mostly costume options and extra weapons that didn’t really matter. However, the latest DLC option is a bit nebulous but ultimately harmless.

For $5 (or R89 over here) you can simply unlock everything in the game. This includes costumes, weapons and so on that you usually need to earn by doing some impressive feats in the game. That’s pretty much all it has going for it, not a lot extra was added into the DLC. Initial reactions to this DLC are mixed, to say the least, but this isn’t the first time we’ve gotten an “unlock all” paid DLC in a game. However, most of the time it was Capcom’s games that did it.

At least there is no pressure at all to buy this. If you’re lazy and have $5 kicking around, sure, go for it, but if you want to unlock it using good old fashioned elbow grease, nothing is stopping you. Is it exploitative? Hell yes it is, but it could have been much worse. What ever happened to cheat codes, man?

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