Doom mod removes all violence, has you talking to demons instead

The Doom franchise was essentially the genesis of demonic evil in the gaming industry. We had our brush with the Nazis in Wolfenstein 3D, but when demons started coming through, it was a non-stop ride through Hell and gory gun-fueled violence. It’s what the series is known for and has wholly embraced into the modern era. But what if you can’t shoot in Doom, the original game on the PC?

That’s what modder JP LeBreton tried to find out when he created the Mr. Friendly Doom mod. It’s this crazy Undertale-like experience where instead of blowing demons to bits, you’re just exploring and talking to the hellish machinations as they’re going through the day. It turns one of the most brutal classic FPS games into Animal Crossing and it’s amazing. Demons have all sorts of real-life problems that they need help with and you basically become the friendly custodian to these demonic beings. Here’s a nice long video explaining the mod more in depth by the creator himself:

It’s totally silly and just a complete flip of the intended tone of the game, but I think it’s amazing. Turn one of the most hardcore games ever into a chill experience of tending to your demon friends and building a community. Modders are crazy.

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